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Emily Woodgate (1987)

About me
I grew up in Hobart, Tasmania, where I studied law and worked as a TV/radio journo at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I moved to Oslo for love and adventure in 2013. It’s about as far around the world as you can go without going back the other direction!

Outside of my work in communications, I love exploring Oslo and Norway’s parks, forests and mountains with my partner, our baby and friends. Bike in summer, skis in winter. Live music, good food and coffee, a craft beer and travel make me happy.

Why Oslo?
I’m not a big city girl; I like to visit them but I always get claustrophobic before too long. I love Oslo because it has all the conveniences and culture of an international capital, but retains a small-town feel. You can always see the fjord and the sky.

Oslo is a city of extremes, from the plummeting temperatures in winter to the long bright summer nights. It’s fancy and gentrified to the west, industrial and cool to the east. You can go from a mountain top to the beach in half an hour. Life in Oslo is an adventure. I love it.

Where can you find me online?

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