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Lene Haugerud (1981)

About me
I’m a social scientist turned writer. I live for great literature, fashion, light roasted coffee and honest food. After spending several years of my life abroad, I’m proud to call Oslo home – and Grunerløkka my turf.

Why Oslo?
I love Oslo because it’s a human city, it’s a city that is good for the mind. I enjoy the fresh air as much as the indie rock concerts, I enjoy the modern architecture of Bjørvika as much as I love the vintage-obsessed Grunerløkka.

I love that Oslo is starting to take food, coffee and cocktails seriously – and that you can find restaurants, cafes and bars that are as good as the best of them, whether speaking of continental Europe or New York.

I love that Oslo is coming into its own, proud enough to stand on its own two feet – and that it’s no longer suffering from a self perception of inferiority, which is still such a big part of the Norwegian mentality at large.

Where can you find me online?
Beyond Meek (blog)
Beyond Food etc. (blog)

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