Best Local Snack Spots in Oslo

Norwegians are really proud (and they should be!) of their traditional cuisine, which generally includes seafood or game, but nowadays it’s become more and more multicultural and versatile. Oslo is an open-minded city, which offers plenty of hotspots where you can grab a snack as takeaway or enjoy the food at a local café while having an ordinary chat with the locals. Our local spotters will guide you through the city’s best local snack spots, so we hope you are hungry! Enjoy!


Fiskeriet Oslo

Fiskeriet (by Fiskeriet)

Seafood and Norway? Yes, sounds about right. That’s why we put this hotspot called Fiskeriet on this list because if you want to try some of Norway’s seafood, it has to be properly prepared. Fiskeriet is located in the city center of Oslo and it’s actually half-market/half-eatery. You can always buy some fresh seafood and prepare it at home, but there’s also another (and probably more exciting) choice – buy perfectly prepared food straight from Fiskeriet. You can order it as takeaway, which is a great choice if you want to enjoy freshly cooked seafood while admiring the spectacular vista of Oslo. Our local Lene recommends choosing from the daily specials board, because “This is where you will find the best catch of the day, prepared in a unique way.” Of course, you can always choose a traditional fish’n’chips combination, it’s totally up to you!

Xiangs kitchen

Xiangs kitchen Oslo

Xiangs kitchen (by Xiangs kitchen)

So, since we have already started this list with seafood, let’s continue. Another finger-licking’ takeaway spot is called Xiangs kitchen. Although it is really tiny and doesn’t seem like an exceptional place, its food speaks for itself – thanks to chef Xiang. His list of achievements is more than impressive: he worked as a chef for the King and Queen at the Royal Castle and even became a Norwegian champion at opening oysters! His life experience reflects on his high-quality food that he prepares at Xiangs’ kitchen. The menu consists of sushi, sashimi, maki and a few wok dishes. An important remark from our local Elin: this spot only offers takeaway food, there is no seating area inside Xiangs kitchen!


Liebling Oslo

Liebling (by Liebling)

Needless to say, most cafés and restaurants in Oslo may be on the pricey side. But there are some great exceptions, such as Liebling. It is a Berlin-style café with a quirky interior and a budget-friendly menu. Liebling is the perfect spot to have a traditional Berlin brunch plate, which includes bread, cheese, meat, yogurt, and cereal. They even serve a vegetarian version! Our local Lene’s personal favorite – the open-faced sandwich with hummus. Furthermore, Liebling sometimes organizes various concerts or open mic nights, so if you don’t want to miss those whilst you’re staying in Oslo, just follow Liebling on Facebook.


Retrolykke Oslo

Retrolykke (by Elin Reitehaug)

Are you one of those shopping maniacs who always get hungry in the middle of an inspiring hunt, but you have no idea where to grab a snack? Your dreams are about to come true – let’s head to Retrolykke. It’s a second-hand retro shop, which serves some simple, but delicious snacks and drinks. Who would have thought? Here you can buy almost all of the items that were used in decorating the café: starting with retro kitchen equipment and ending with vintage clothes. The shop (or café?) serves delicious coffee and tea that can be complemented with a piece of cake or cookies. This is certainly a unique place which deserves to be on this list!


Vippa Oslo

Vippa (by Elin Reitehaug)

There’s nothing like some quality street food during summer. Vippa is located in a former sugar warehouse next to the water and combines cuisines from all over the world. Which is perfect if you’re having a bit with friends but can’t decide on the type of food you want. Vegan, vegetarian, organic… They really cater to everyone’s tasting buds. The view on the fjord from the terrace is truly stunning and on top of that, they also organize several cultural events and concerts. Check out their Facebook page if you want to know the programme or just drop by to see for yourself.

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