The Botanical Garden Oslo

Image by Glenn Wells

The Botanical Garden – Oslo’s urban oasis

Just a 1-minute walk from the Munch Museum, the Botanical Garden is an oasis for both young and old. The garden is a lush, expansive area that offers a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Oslo.

While all visitors will enjoy a leisurely walk through the park amid the beautiful vegetation, parents in particular will greatly appreciate the opportunities to entertain their children for free. There is ample room for kids to bolt about, amuse themselves and expend their energy.

The Viking Garden is an outdoor display dedicated to teaching visitors about the flora, fauna and rocks used by the Vikings. The display itself is presented in the form of a 33-meter-long “time-machine” Viking Ship.

In summer and winter alike, it’s possible to visit the various greenhouses that feature a variety of plants, including large lily pads, insect-eating plants and the fascinating Mimosa pudica (Sanseplante in Norwegian), a sensitive plant whose leaves curl together when touched. But the highlight of the day for kids is likely to be the butterflies flitting freely throughout one of the greenhouses. As the photo above shows, children are likely to follow butterflies around and they may even be lucky enough to have one or two land on them for a short spell.

The Botanical Garden is part of the Natural History Museum, which is also on the grounds. There is also a cafe situated near the middle of the garden, offering a peaceful area to relax and unwind.

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