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Galgeberg Café – A delicious, affordable hangout

The name Galgeberg (“Gallows Hill”) is a vestige of the Middle Ages when this was the designated site for public execution and humiliation. But don’t let that spoil your appetite.

Galgeberg Café is a perfect spot to satisfy a craving for good food. It’s my go-to place number one when I’m too lazy to whip up some food on my own. I invariably opt for a spicy Vietnamese or Thai dish while my daughter’s penchant is for the sushi (also very good). It’s reasonably priced and especially delicious.

They use a variety of vegetables, herbs and leaves that will have you searching your mind to identify the tasty ingredients complementing your chicken, beef or scampi dish (served on rice or noodles). My favorite dish is the Saigon Duck (crispy-fried duck filet with curry, coconut milk and veggies) – yum! I’m also quite fond of their vegetarian spring rolls. 

Following their recent renovation, not only is the restaurant more stylish, but also exclusively take-out – though there are some seats available outside in fair weather. They have a new menu with more dishes to boot!

Galgeberg Café (along with Never Forget Sushi up the street) came through with a clean bill of health in recent years when 43 sushi kitchens were examined by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. 

The execution of their dishes is impeccable, but make sure you take cash or a debit card. Try to pay with a credit card you won’t be hanging around for long. Take-away calls are welcome.

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Galgeberg 3, Oslo

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Mon - Fri 10:00 - 21:00, Sat - Sun 13:00 - 21:00


Main dish from: NOK 99
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