Ingierstrand Oslo

Image by Bendik Bryde

Ingierstrand – Characteristic diving tower

When I feel like getting out of Oslo for an excursion, Ingerstrand is one of my favorite places to go.

South-east of the city there are lots of nice areas to go with friends and family for a picnic or beach trip. At Ingerstrand bath there is a characteristic diving tower that also acts as the symbol of the place and is well worth a visit. The tower offers opportunities both for daredevils that like to go high and more cautious divers that prefer lower starting points.

During the summer, there will be crowds of people coming here to enjoy the weather and view. The beach is perfectly located westwards which gives a perfect sunset to enjoy. I prefer to take my bike and follow the road along the shore from the city center, passing the container harbor as well as the idyllic islands of Ormøya and Malmøya. The bike ride takes about 45 minutes from the central station one way and is a perfect round trip when I quickly want to get away from the noise. There is a nice free parking lot for cars and possible to take public transportation in the summer – train to Kolbotn, then bus 907 to Ingerstrand. In the summer, I enjoy getting an ice cream after bathing and there is a cool architectural restaurant adjacent to the beach to check out if I get hungry or want to relax a bit longer before returning to the city on my bike.

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