Kubb in the park Oslo

Image by Emily Woodgate

Kubb in the park – Throwing sticks at sticks

An expat friend once described the Scandinavian game of kubb as ‘throwing sticks at sticks’ and I’ve gotta say, he was pretty spot on. In a nutshell, you find a nice patch of lawn, set up your wooden blocks or kubbs on opposing sides, then try and knock them over by hurling wooden batons at them before the other team knocks yours down. Then you have to topple the king kubb. Somebody told me the game dates back to the viking era, and while Wikipedia isn’t so sure, it makes for a good story.

You can pick up a cheap set from one of the many sports or toy shops in Oslo, like XXL. There’s a store in Majorstuen just near Oslo’s biggest park, which offers plenty of room for a playing field/battleground (check the Vigeland Sculpture Park article). Recruiting extra players is a great way to make friends with the locals, and the set makes for a cool souvenir that’s a little out of the ordinary.

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Vigelandsparken, Oslo

Opening Times

24 hours daily


Set from XXL: NOK 149
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