Torshovdalen Oslo

Image by Benedicte Gyllensten

Torshovdalen – A park with space and views

Torshovdalen is a large green park with space for everyone. The other parks in Oslo are more central and crowded, but this place is not as well known. It is located between the residential areas of Torshov and Sinsen, and is mostly used by the locals who live nearby. 

If you walk all the way to the top of the park, you will be treated to beautiful views of Oslo. You can see as far as the City Hall and the Oslo Fjord. You should also take a look at the statue, which is called Hodet, “The Head”, by Marianne Heske. There are some benches next to it and it’s supposed to make you think and use your head. 

Torshovdalen is a good spot to relax in the sun, have a bbq, play games, go for a walk or run, or go skiing or sledding in the winter. There is also a skatepark at the bottom of the park.

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Torshovdalen, Oslo

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24 hours daily
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