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Frédéric Moussaïan (1978)

About me
I grew up in Colombes, in the near suburbs of Paris, and spent most of my life there, even if I’ve also lived in Rome and Buenos Aires, and more generally have traveled in a lot of places (mostly urban) between my 20s and 30s…

After having hesitated for a long time about my ideal job, I decided to become a tourist guide, and so now I mostly travel in France to appreciate its great historic and architectural heritage, and live and work in Paris, a city where nearly every street corner has something to say about the past or present times… I particularly like the free public places, where you can enter without being asked anything: streets, gardens and parks of course, but also churches and cemeteries.

Why Paris
Besides being my hometown where most of my family and friends also live, it is also a city very adapted to my way of life: easy to walk, full of fascinating stories, with a great cultural life, especially in terms of museums (the Louvre is a place for constant discovery and rediscovery), cinemas, and a great ”chanson” scene, French song being one of my passions…

In terms of bars and restaurants, although they’re constantly changing, I like that Paris tends to be more and more welcoming for vegetarians (and even vegans) and also always has a better offer in terms of craft beers (no, wine is not the only passion of French drinkers !)”

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