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Fred Moussaïan (1978)

About me
I was born and grew up in Colombes, a northwestern Parisian suburb, where I presently live.

But don’t think I have never moved in my life! I’m a big traveler, even if I remain a very urban person and travel mostly to cities. Not only did I do most of my studies outside Paris (Nancy, East of France) but I also lived (between 3 months and 2 years) in Dublin, Milan, Rome, and Buenos Aires. I really love the latter two, but well, Paris sera toujours Paris: each time I come back, I revisit my home town with new eyes, and more hindsight and objectivity.

What I particularly like in Paris:

  • very easy to walk or cycle
  • fascinating history, still partly visible in the modern city
  • architectural and urban homogeneity
  • rich cultural life (mostly cinema and museums)
  • mixture of conservatism and modernity
  • great number and value of artistic works (novels, photos, films…) set in Paris
  • the river Seine, its banks, its islands…

What I particularly don’t like in Paris:

  • expensive city, especially bars and restaurants
  • arrogance and snobbery of some Parisians
  • gentrification of working class areas
  • French traditional food, mostly meat and fish based (I’m vegetarian)
  • not very busy at night

This city blog will therefore bring you to the Paris I like, including many outdoor spots – charming squares, romantic but ignored areas – museums and cinemas, but also places to enjoy a break, have a rest during your exhausting visit of the Ville Lumière.

I’ll also bring you to the relaxed and cheap places where I enjoy having a drink, and help you discover the best vegetarian (but not only) places to grab a bite.

Paris is one of the most touristic cities in the world, and everyone “knows” it to a certain degree even before visiting it for the first time. I hope to lead you to a non-classical approach to the city, make you discover its unexpected sides, and enrich you with its cultural identity and history.

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