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Julia Fortuin (1982)

About me
Born in the US, brought up in the Netherlands, I arrived in Paris in 2012 for a sabbatical leave after having lived in Brussels for a few years. Some like to travel the world, but my wish at the time was to discover all the museums and cultural venues that Paris has to offer. And this has actually not really changed since then.

My temporary stay ended up being permanent and writing about life in Paris has now become one of my main activities. Besides museums and writing I also love music (I play the piano and sing in a classical choir) and dancing (1920’s swing!). And like any Parisian, I enjoy spending the end of my day having an apéro or dinner in a local restaurant.

Why Paris?
Paris is very well known as a tourist destination, but in my experience people know much less about daily life and trends here. And although I love the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay, Paris has many different faces that I feel I can always keep discovering. Every area has its character, while unmistakably remaining Paris.

Also I appreciate some Parisian basics that make the sometimes stressful life here bearable and at moments even superb: an afterwork wine on a terrace, terraces in general, summer picnics, pains aux raisins, a cup of coffee in a lost little hour, walks in no particular direction and passionate discussions with French people :-).

Where can you find me online?
My blog, Bises de Paris (in Dutch)

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