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Muriel Malric (1991)

About me
I eat a lot in restaurants because I’m a food lover (and ’cause you don’t have to wash the dishes).

I travel to discover new cities, countries, people, languages, local culture (and food).

Food and travels are the two main topics I can go on about for hours and when I’m not, I try to keep on learning new things and spend some quality time with friends and family enjoying life.

Why Paris
What I love about Paris is the diversity of vibes you can get from the city.
You can feel lucky walking in a nice park; romantic when walking near a bridge by the Seine; nostalgic when looking at some old monument; annoyed when taking the metro during peak hours; overwhelmed when going shopping on a Saturday in the middle of the afternoon; peaceful when walking in an empty street in the early morning or cheerful when passing by schools and bakeries in the mornings.

And of course, as a food lover, it’s my heaven. Every taste from every part of the world seems to be there somewhere in the city. If I feel like eating Japanese, that’s not a problem. What if I wanna have Brazilian, Moroccan or Greek food? There’s no limit to food discoveries in Paris, only the size of your stomach and your wallet :’).

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