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Yuko Ogino (1986)

About me
Having been born into a rather traditional Japanese family in Germany, I moved to the UK aged three, grew up, studied and started working there, but I now call Paris my home.

As a French and Italian student, I spent a couple of months working in a boutique in Saint-Germain-des-Près. By the end of the summer I had promised myself that I would return one day and I haven’t looked back since I finally took the leap in 2012.

I love travelling and am a passionate cook/eater so I often plan my travels and – come to think of it – my daily life around eating. Also, no matter how small my bag, inside it you will always find some music and a good book.

Why Paris?
Every day, Paris spoils me with its museums and parks, fascinating architecture, its impressive range of bars and restaurants that pop up like mushrooms and cater for every imaginable craving and of course, two outstanding opera houses!

The charm of this beautiful, proud city definitely hasn’t worn off for me yet and I don’t think it ever will.

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