Beehives of the Luxembourg Gardens Paris

Image by Cristina Tatarinova

Beehives of the Luxembourg Gardens – Secret honey

Have you heard of the beehives in the Luxembourg Gardens? In 1856, the first beekeeping school of Central Agriculture Society was opened in Paris, and, even though the first beehives were destroyed during the Paris reconstruction plan of Haussmann, from 1872 onwards there have been beehives in the park.

The school still exists and provides education on various apiculture techniques, which I find to be absolutely fascinating, given that it happens in one of the most famous parks of Paris. Approach the beehives carefully and avoid stepping on the grass around it for there could be bees – a sign on the lawn warns about it, as does the gentle buzz.

The honey is gathered annually and is then sold at an autumnal exhibition which takes place in an orangery of the Luxembourg Gardens. I was once told an anecdote that the bees fly around bakeries, located around the park, and absorb the sugary syrup and flavors of buttery pastries, making the honey very special. I am yet to taste it.

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Rue Guynemer/Rue d’Assass corner entrance, Paris

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Sunrise - sunset daily
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