Communist Party HQ Paris

Image by Constantino Longares

Communist Party HQ – Architecture

If you happen to be in Paris during European Heritage Days, I strongly recommend you visit the headquarters of the French Communist Party. I went there last year and I discovered a fantastic functional building that also gave a clear message through the way it was built. Made in the ’70s, it was conceived by Oscar Niemeyer, the Brazilian architect who also conceived the city of Brasilia, and it is really a remarkable building.

Instead of taking a lot of space in the neighborhood, it has a building with a wavy glass facade and a main meeting room which is semi-buried underground, thus creating a great open space. When you enter it, you realize how important communism was as an ideology in the second half of the 20th century and how present that ideology was in the French society. Its nude concrete walls are very powerful, and the central committee meeting room is very nice, with a ceiling that reflects the lights.

The building is situated in a not so touristic area of Paris, and in general is not open to the public, you can see it from outside though. If you happen to be in Paris in the third weekend of September, that is when the European Heritage Days take place and many buildings which are normally closed open their doors to all visitors, that’s your best opportunity to visit the interior part.

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Place du Colonel Fabien 2, Paris

Opening Times

3rd weekend of Sep: Sat 10:00 - 15:00 |outside building daily


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