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Image by Frédéric Moussaïan

Impasse Florimont – On Georges Brassens’s steps

Georges Brassens is probably one of the most popular French singers of the 20th century. This singer-songwriter, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2021 (if he hadn’t died in 1981) keeps being a reference for young generations of French people enthusiasts with French ”chanson”…

But he was also internationally famous: his rebellious, anticonformist – sometimes anarchist – lyrics (on universal themes like love, religion, death…), together with his humanity and warm voice made him a figure of the protest song in the 1950s, and several foreign singers translated and interpreted his songs, such as Nacha Guevara, Paco Ibañez (in Spanish), Fabrizio De André (in Italian), and many more!!!

Here you can listen to a selection of Brassens’ translated songs.

Born in Sète (South of France), he arrived in Paris in the early 1940s and spent almost 10 years before meeting success in a very simple house, hosted by a poor and eccentric couple, Jeanne and Marcel, about whom he speaks in some of his famous songs, Jeanne (in English here), or Chanson pour l’Auvergnat.

This simple house in a dead-end looks as if it hadn’t changed since the 1940s… except the low-relief with Brassens’s profile and a few sculptures of cats, Brassens’s favourite animals (he admired their independence and elegance)…

Walking 20 minutes west, you’ll find the cute Parisian house where Brassens moved to in the late 1960s (at 42 rue Santos Dumont); and a few blocks further, a park created shortly after his death (on the site of a former slaughterhouse) was named after him.

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