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Ministry of Culture – A feeling of thinking

At Paris’s Ministry of Culture this is where you’ll find one of the cities lesser known free exhibition spaces. Located in this administrative buildings foyer, I chose to go there to get a handle on a social project which blends the body and wellbeing putting Rodin’s The Thinker at its heart.

The results of this temporary exhibition Rodin and I shows children’s works, responding to their ‘bodies’; each of the works itself a biography of the kids’ experiences, each at various stages of receiving hospitalized-medical care.

Told through sculptures, there’s not only clay, but also combinations using lots of the hygienic disposable items you’d likely find on any health-aware hospital ward. One of these being a butterfly constructed from blue surgical gloves.

Here Le Crieur (the town crier) from 13 year old Mohamed, its title doesn’t quite correspond with what looks to be a direct homage to The Thinker (pictured). Overall, the exhibition gives a fusion of feeling and thought, its aim being compassionately to get kids to think about how their bodies actually feel to them.

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Rue Saint Honoré 182, Paris

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Mon - Fri 08:00 - 19:00
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