Square de Montsouris Paris

Image by Cristina Tatarinova

Square de Montsouris – A secret garden

In the south of Paris, in the 14th arrondissement, there is spacious Park Montsouris. Even though it is located not far from the famous Parisian catacombs, it is rarely visited by tourists, which makes it a wonderful spot off the beaten track. What is even more delightful is the secret street called Square de Montsouris.

It is hard to be found even on Google Maps, and I stumbled upon it by sheer luck. It was in June, and I was dreaming of going to Provence to see lush gardens in bloom. My daydreaming was interrupted by a gorgeous rose bush, hanging in full blossom from behind a fence on a pretty cobbled street. Entering Square de Montsouris and walking past its ivy-covered houses felt like going to Wonderland. It was built in the 1920s in art nouveau and art deco style and hasn’t changed since. A perfect example of hidden Paris, it is not disturbed much neither by people, nor by cars, so enjoy walking there quietly, slowly, inhaling the delicate fragrance of roses.

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Square de Montsouris, Paris

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