Mutter Museum Philadelphia

Image by Terry Robinson (via Flickr)

Mutter Museum – Ready to be disturbingly informed?

No, really; “Are you ready to be disturbingly informed?” is their slogan.

The Mutter Museum is well known in Philly, and to a certain population, probably across the country as well. It’s a phenomenal, must-see spot for those interested in medical history. 

These exhibits reflect the human condition with exhibits like the evolution of human birth, blood and copper inspired paintings and the effect of lead on the body. The artifacts are thoughtfully and artfully displayed, the volunteers are passionate and the skeletons are silently judgmental. Follow this link for a calendar of upcoming exhibitions.

I love the Mutter Museum because of my morbid curiosity, but also because of the quality of their community outreach. The museum hosts numerous events and lectures both for the public and exclusively for members. Topics range from literature to current public health concerns and are well attended and well reviewed.

My advice? If you live in Philly, and this is your thing, invest in the membership. If you’re just stopping by for a visit, check the calendar to see if there are any after-hours events to make your stay a little more exciting. Discounted ticket pricing available.

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South 22nd Street 19, Philadelphia

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10:00 - 17:00 daily


Adult admission: USD 16


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