Ethno Jazz Club Sejdefa Podgorica

Image by Marija Bulatovic

Ethno Jazz Club Sejdefa – Great music

When going out in Podgorica, no matter which kind of music you listen to, you will definitely find something for you. Personally, I prefer Ethno Jazz Club Sejdefa, because it’s different and because it gives an opportunity to young, quality artists to express themselves.

There are many other people who are absolutely in love with this place, too. On weekends, and during live performances, it’s overcrowded and it’s hard to find a free spot. Meanwhile, during working days, it’s pretty much calm and relaxing — a typical place for a coffee and chatting with friends. In both cases, it is very refreshing to have something like this in town: while most other places are adapting to the trends of “turbo folk” music, here quality comes first.

The only thing that could be changed is the working hours. Enjoying in sounds of jazz is possible only until 01:00, which will hopefully be extended in the future.

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Details about this spot



Bulevar Stanka Dragojevića 10, Podgorica

Telephone number


Opening Times

08:00 - 01:00 daily


Glass of wine: € 2


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Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)