Milan Mladenović Mural Podgorica

Image by Marija Bulatovic

Milan Mladenović Mural – Portrait of a legend

Milan Mladenović was the frontman of famous rock band Ekaterina Velika – EKV. Well known for their quality music, this band was recognized not only within the borders of its homeland, Yugoslavia, but across the world. In 2014, twenty years after the frontman’s death, a group of architecture students who wanted to stay anonymous, decided to honor this artist in another artform: a mural.

The artwork is 4 meters high, made of rubber circles in collage technique, which makes it one of the most original murals in town. Beneath the portrait, there is name of one of the most famous EKV’s songs “Kao da je bilo nekad”. On the left side there are the well known lyrics: “Ovo je zemlja za nas, ovo je zemlja za sve naše ljude. Ovo je zemlja za nas, ovo je zemlja za svu našu decu”. On the right there is a quote from the biography of this music genius, “Dječak iz vode” by Flavio Rigonat.  

The music of EKV music is really a masterpiece. Sometimes it’s hard to understand, it needs to be listened with the heart, too.

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13. Jula, Podgorica

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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