Sculpture "Crnogorsko Oro" Podgorica

Image by Marija Bulatovic

Sculpture “Crnogorsko Oro” – Dance history

According to the legend, crnogorsko oro, a Montenegrin traditional dance, made its first jump in the free mountains, imitating the dance of eagles. Just like many other sculptures, this one also has a strong background story. In this case, it is a symbol of Montenegrin tradition, culture and identity.  

This five-meter-high monument is composed of eight individual sculptures which are made of polyester, with detailed parts of the Montenegrin men’s costume. These complex details contribute a lot to its beauty. This piece took more than three years to finish, but the final product really shows the effort of the artist. He truly represented our costume and the specific folk dance unique in the world. Now everyone can enjoy at least the artistic part of Montenegrin history, which leaves no one indifferent.

Crnogorsko oro is definitely one of the symbols of Podgorica and makes its citizens very proud. Showing the strength, dignity, emotion and beauty of the Montenegrin national dance it represents traditional Montenegrin. And Montenegrins are very proud of their past.

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