Stara Varoš Podgorica

Image by Vuk Koljensic

Stara Varoš – Old part of Podgorica

Stara Varoš is a part of the city on the left bank of the river Ribnica, and this name was settled after the new part of the city (called Mirkova Varoš and today Nova Varoš) was founded in the 1880s (on the right bank of Ribnica). Stara Varoš was the core of the old Podgorica during the period of Ottoman rule (1474-1879) in the urban and architectural forms of the city, customs, way of life and oriental characteristics.

In Stara Varoš there was also the Turkish fortress Depedogen (people called it Ribnica) built since 1474 after the conquest of the Medieval square of Podgorica by the Ottoman (Mehmed the Second Invader) and a clock tower. It is assumed that the clock tower was built in the second half of the 17th century by Hadzi Hafiz -pasha Osmanagić — with the clock ordered from Italy. The building of the vault built close to the clock tower was destroyed in the middle of the 20th century. It is a great place for taking nice pictures, also great for a walk around, cause you can have the feeling you are going back to history within a minute!

Since I personally like history, whenever I pass by Stara Varoš, I think about how the people used to live there in the past. And on March 8th, people sell flowers and bouquets of roses in the little square, which is really nice to experience if you are in town that day!

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Stara Varoš, Podgorica

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