Pregaria D. Maria Porto

Image by Vasco Figueiredo Teles

Pregaria D. Maria – Hamburgers and “pregos”

From our spots, I’m sure you already know Francesinha, the gastronomic institution from Porto. Well, it’s time to introduce the “Prego” (“nail” in a literal translation, those you hit with a hammer), one of the other meat institutions (although not restricted to Porto).

It’s basically a cow/veal steak inside a piece of bread. Sounds simple? It is! But the steak has to be tender “like butter” (as we say), and there are more sophisticated versions, like served on a plate with lots of other side… say… stuff. The bread version was originally our vision of fast food. (BTW, in Portugal McDonald’s once served the McPrego. Not kidding. Never tried it, though.)

Anyway, there are several good places in Porto that serve great traditional pregos, but last yearI came across “Pregaria D. Maria” and that was a good day! They serve not just pregos, but also delicious, juicy, large burgers.

Here, the pregos are served in a special bread, originally from the Madeira Island (“bolo do caco”), with a garlic taste, and you can choose different configurations and dressings. The burgers are also served with special bread. Any of those are a must try. And then, of course, the homemade fries!

And don’t forget to ask for the artisanal beer Letra: strong and tasty.

Curiosity: all the various names of Pregos and burgers are funny Portuguese idiomatic expressions.

Gosh… now I’m hungry!

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Rua de Ceuta, 63, Porto

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12:00 - 02:00 daily


Prego and fries: ‚ā¨ 7

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