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Anna Nižňanská (1991)

About me
Student of Architecture and Film/Theater studies. Traveler and explorer. Interior design and coffee and food addict.

Art, photography, movie and culture enthusiast. Art making and furniture renovating participant. Dog lover. Black humor supporter.

And finally neurotic, and can be only calmed down by cakes and through the company of interesting, smart and equally neurotic people.

Why Prague?
I love my city mainly because there is still so much to improve and because it provides incredible reserves. And once these reserves are fully taken advantage of, I dare to say, Prague will be flawless.

Because I travel a lot, I feel authorized to say, that Prague is definitely one of the most beautiful cities. It has a specific atmosphere, unique architecture, and plenty of interesting places. Everyone who comes here, should get to know it in the same way as us who live and have grown up here. Not in terms of tourist attractions that have nothing to do with true face of Prague.

Where can you find me online?

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