Čítárna Unijazzu Prague

Image by Martin Kozel

Čítárna Unijazzu – Hard to find “reading room”

This place is one of my favorite places to go in Prague. Čítárna in translation means “reading room”. But don’t worry, it’s not a place where everybody sits and reads quietly. Actually when entering this “hard to find bar” on the 4th floor you feel like you’re at somebody’s home, where a bunch of people are just having a good time. In the “living room” with dimmed light is a bar with wooden tables surrounded with books, where Czech beers (Bernard, Zemské pivo) or a typical pickled sausage are a good choice to try.

Čítárna is managed by civic association Unijazz, which supports music and everything connected with culture. This is why various readings, screenings, lectures, concerts, exhibitions and also press conferences (i.e. Amnesty international) are held there and are usually for free.

My schedule is usually quite full so I go there just to read a book. If I don’t have my own, I just borrow one lying there (I always wondered how many books they have, so I asked and the answer was something over one thousand). So just try it and feel the atmosphere!

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Jindřišská 901/5, Prague

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Mon - Sat 14:00 - 22:30, Sun 16:00 - 22:30


Bernard 0.5L: CZK 26


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