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Image by Irena Schlosser

Erhartova Cukrarna – Travel in time for quality

I often hear from my friends and family that this cake or that tart were much larger and cheaper a certain amount of time ago! What is the cause for these thoughts is a complex question – maybe we grow and the cakes do not. Well, in Erhartova Cukrarna you can be sure the sizes are like in childhood days, but, honestly, I can’t guarantee the prices are. 🙂

Erhartova Cukrarna is pleasant not only because of the perfect desserts, but also because of the location. The sweet shop has been located in this very spot since 1937, when the building was also built. The pure functionalist interior was very gently renovated just a few years ago and, it is truly a miracle the interior was not destroyed during the last era.

The new unobtrusive design is balanced by the rich variety of the desserts. From soft little cookies to large heavy cakes for cream lovers, I believe each of you can choose the right one. Of course, you can sit inside and accompany the cake with a coffee. Here is another important message for lovers of quality – all desserts are prepared right in the sweet shop and the bakers are using high-quality, natural products like real cream. And that is rare to see these days.

Continue to Stromovka to have a walk after all the sweets you could not resist to eat or to Bio Oko (check the Bio Oko article) to see a nice movie!

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MIlady Horákové 56, Prague

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Opening Times

10:00 - 19:00 daily


Větrník cake: CZK 45


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