Náš Dvůr Prague

Image by Katarína Mácová

Náš Dvůr – Popular farmers’ market

The name Our Yard (Náš dvůr) is not accidental: that’s a real former farmyard behind the wooden tall fence and the large metal gate. And it doesn’t look anonymous at all: boards, posters and banners with every possible typography make first impressions even more interesting. The spot is located in front of Metro C – station Kobylisy, the exit in direction to the Kobylisy tram stop. Therefore, you cannot miss it.

Honestly, you don’t expect something like a piece of countryside on Klapkova Street with the local library, bookstore and classic shops. Náš dvůr, the farmer’s market, is an excellent escape from everyday reality where you can buy good quality food and be at a very friendly place for a while. Everyone is so nice to each other. The simple wooden shops operate in a pleasant atmosphere.
You never know what rare things you will find there. Sitting at wooden tables and benches in the middle of the yard is comfortable during the warmer months. The ten stores are all it takes to find what you’re looking for. The greengrocery smells fantastic, as in times without global supermarkets, Honzíkova mlékárna offers fresh dairy products, while the mini drugstore Kohoutek ve Dvoře sells super eco products.
In the back of the yard, there is a small stage for concerts and a small playground with a sandbox. I appreciate the whole concept of Náš dvůr. Big like.
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Klapkova 1035/28, Prague

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Tue - Fri 08:00 - 18:00


Milk: CZK 35


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