Incruenti Prague

Image by Libor Pozníček

Incruenti – Real vegan oasis

Another great option in Prague for those that are trying to minimize their meat consumption –vegetarians and vegans– is Incruenti, a cute restaurant open during working days & Saturday for lunch and on Wednesday for dinner as well. They always have two main dishes on the menu, soup and nice home-made lemonades for fair prices (1dcl = 15Kč). And the taste! Delicious. I mean delicious like I would easily become a vegan if I had the luck to have a cook like this every day. Bet you wouldn’t know you weren’t eating meat if I hadn’t told you before — that’s their level of amazingness.

During the hotter days they also have a super-nice garden in a local courtyard where you can see people really living there, have a word or two with the old lady living upstairs or check the neighbor hanging freshly washed clothes. Plus there are small gardens all around full of fresh herbs as well as tiny greenhouses with growing shoots inside.

If visiting in winter, know that their interior is equally amazing and beautiful & their service is just so nice and caring, it makes me believe again in the abilities of Czech service, which are unfortunately legendarily bad. I’m grateful for their attention to detail even after they’ve been on the market since 2015. I’m also a big admirer of their zero-waste philosophy!

It’s definitely a nice place to have a long lunch with a book, dear friends or in couple.

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Šrobárova 2159/9, Prague

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Opening Times

Mon - Tue & Thu - Sat 11:00 - 15:00, Wed 18:00 - 23:00


Main dish: CZK 120


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