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Original Coffee – It’s all in the name

I remember having a heated discussion with a barista at a fancy café (which shall remain anonymous for the time being) in Prague a while back – he was giving me a lecture I didn’t ask for, about how all coffee other than his was terrible, when I finally understood what this whole “coffee fascist” concept that everybody’s been talking about lately, was all about.

Then I found Original Coffee, the newly opened, high-end, lesser-known branch of Mama Coffee, which has absolutely great coffee and is way less pretentious. Sure if you try to order a caramel-soy-latté they will probably hit you over the head with a bottle of Club-Mate, but they’ll probably be nice about it. Instead if you want to experiment, try the Aeropress (a fancy French press) from one of their specialty coffee beans – maybe a cheesecake or a cookie too?

Located just behind the Bethlehem Chapel, this place is neatly tucked away in a quiet street leading towards the river. Minimalistic design, Polaroid photos on the wall, and the fact that it hasn’t yet become a hipster mecca all guarantee a pretty nice time.

Additionally, they also sell a variety of coffee-related gadgets and what-nots, books about coffee, and those stylish KeepCup mugs, which make a great b’day/Christmas/anniversary gift.

Finally, its proximity to the National Library, whose coffee offer is more than terrible makes Original Coffee a pretty great place for anyone needing a break from writing a thesis or cramming for an exam.

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Betlémská 12, Prague

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08:00 - 20:00 daily


Cappuccino: CZK 47


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