Paralelní Polis Prague

Image by Anna Nižňanská

Paralelní Polis – First bitcoin cafe

I always love discovering something new, and Parallel polis is exactly that! Why? Because it’s something like a small State within a State! The entire building is lead by a group of legendary Czech artists called Ztohoven. The main purpose here is to develop the crypto anarchy, and is conceived as one big hacker space, so it means, that hackers can rent a table for their work here and maybe develop some pretty cool projects and apps!

They also want to dedicate to 3Dprinting and lead regular lectures connected with this theme. The most interesting thing to me is the Café situated on the ground floor. It is officially the first bitcoin Café in the Czech Republic and the first ever in the world. They only accept payments in bitcoin, which means that you can pay only in crypto currency, so no cash, no euros or Czech Crowns!

For those who don’t understand this whole new philosophy, they have the “paper wallet” used for one-time payments. And as for coffee? They are simply excellent! They serve coffee from a Berlin roaster – Bonanza which is supposed to be one of the best in the world. 

What I also like is that from the outside the building is all black so it looks a little bit demonic and mysterious. Nearby is also the great theater La Fabrika, antique stores or galleries with contemporary art such as Dox. So two birds with one stone. I found this place interesting as hell! Try it!

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Details about this spot



Dělnická 43, Prague

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 08:00 - 20:00


Cappuccino from: CZK 40


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