Straight way to castle Prague

Image by Irena Schlosser

Straight way to castle – One-way and down the hill

You probably won’t have a chance to lose your way up to this area, although it’s around the corner from the touristic attraction, the Prague Castle. And Prague Castle is the peak of this walk, check it here. You’ll walk through the history of urban architecture in Prague.

Begin in Brevnov monastery which can be reached by tram 22 or 25, stop ‘Brevnovsky klaster’. In winter, warm up in a tavern inside the monastery – taste their local beer! Leave the monastery and take the way left around its walls.

You will pass a pond where there are ducks waiting to be fed. Follow any path up from the monastery. The first buildings you will see are colorful, concrete high-rises, built in the 1970s. Follow the street Satoriova up to its end and go straight on to street Ve Stresovickach.

You will walk through another high-rise area. These houses were also built during the previous regime. Continue to the picturesque old Stresovice. Walk the street up to its end. On the right you’ll see houses built during the first half of the 20th century. Move to Sibeliova street. In the second half of the street are detached houses from the 1920s’. Check the facades, they are decorated in “made in Czech Republic” style rondo cubism, which is unique and was popular in those days.

You’re almost at your destination. Take the tram back to the centre, or follow the main street down and get closer to the Castle.

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Brevnovsky Klaster, Prague

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