Výletná Prague

Image by Michal Lebl

Výletná – Looks like a restaurant, but…

This place is being developed as you are reading this. It used to be a completely devastated old wooden building and tennis courts on which a lot of vegetation was growing. Recently, it was transformed by the work of a lot of volunteers to a vibrant sport-community center, which has a lot of character. To have a meal here or just a beer requires you to be a member of this club. But it is not very difficult to become one – you just sign a little card and you are in. The membership fee is actually the price of whatever you are having. Waiting for your food is made shorter by chess set available on each table.

The food is decent, but not Michelin star class; however, the beer, especially the dark Kozel is excellent. And the location could not be better. You are in the middle of the large Letna park in which you can find the best beer garden in Prague, the pedestal of the largest Stalin statue in the whole world (the statue was destroyed very soon after it was erected when it was made public that Stalin was basically a mass murderer). It now hosts a summer bar called Stalin… And if you are visiting at the end of summer, do not miss visiting the popular circus performances during Letni Letna festival!

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Letenské sady, Prague

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11:00 - 19:00 daily


Beer : CZK 29


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