ABA Prishtina

Image by Vesa Bashota

ABA – Not your typical burgers

Let’s go over some of the traditional hamburger ingredients together: minced meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, ketchup and mayo – all inside a bread bun.

Well, at ABA you can only find half of the typical ingredients. Hamburgers at this place defy tradition. As my American professor put it “ABA’s burgers don’t even taste like real hamburgers”. It’s true… but that’s the whole point! They’re made with tomatoes, ketchup, mayo, and now comes the weird part: shredded cabbage, crushed red pepper sauce, gjizë (a creamy white sauce, similar to cottage cheese) and pljeskavica (a beef patty popular in the Balkans).

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan, but I have so many friends who would kill for these burgers. I can’t think of anyone I know in Prishtina who hasn’t had at least one hamburger at ABA. From primary school pupils to consulting firm employees, all have indulged at some point. So, if you want to go full ‘local’ mode in this city, you ought to go to ABA!

Current & potential ABA fans: rejoice! ABA will be expanding. A new store on the other side of the city will open during the upcoming weeks!

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Afrim Loxha, Prishtina

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Hamburger: € 1
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