Armata Prishtina

Image by Kino Armata

Armata – Army house vintage cinema

This Yugoslav-era cinema has finally opened its doors to the public after decades of being closed. Armata was a popular cinema up until the early ’90s, just when things started to turn south in Yugoslavia. The cinema remained unutilised for the majority of the decade. After the Kosovo war in 1999, the space was tenanted by the United Nations Mission in Kosovo until 2008 only to be inherited by the European Union Rule of Law Mission. Fast forward to today: the military fence and the barbed wire have vanished and the cinema has been restored to its intended purpose.

History aside, Armata has become my favourite spot in the city since opening in April 2018. Armata is not your average cinema; in fact is not just a cinema but rather a space that hosts different artistic activities. From 1920s silent films, vinyl listening, to Alfred Hitchcock marathons and Jam sessions, Armata adorns the city’s artistic scene with its unusual exhibitions. However, vintage films are Armata’s most prominent activity. 

Located in the very centre of the city, Armata is opened to everyone and there is no entrance fee. Contrary to all the cinemas in the world, Armata actually encourages you to bring your own drinks. Even if Pasolini’s films do not interest you, Armata is a pretty cool place to have a beer (not too loudly) and just enjoy the rustic interior. Check out their facebook page for a detailed schedule. Most events start at 19:00.

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Sheshi Zahir Pajaziti, Prishtina

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