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Vesa Bashota (1995)

About me
An insanely curious multipotentialite in a constant quest for knowledge and travels. Dislikes tradition, the idea of borders & nationalities, and pistachios that don’t open. A cosmopolitan at heart, I’d ideally live in a peaceful planet where we all identify ourselves as global citizens, but after taking International relations classes, I am aware that is utopic. And that’s why I’m here… to slightly bridge the culture gap and make you feel at home – in my home(country).

I dig non-fiction books, documentaries about science and history, and I like things that are bad for my liver and waistline. Yes, I could live off Mimosas and Nutella eternally! My biggest struggle right now is deciding whether I’m a cat or dog person… Can one be both?

Why Prishtina
Pristina is full of illegal constructions, trash in the middle of the streets and annoying traffic jams after 4 PM. Is it beautiful? Not really. Does it deserve to be in your bucket list? Hell yes!

The fact that Pristina has the best macchiato in the world is only one of the reasons to love this city. What truly impresses me is the friendliness of the people. The funny and weird thing about Kosovars is that they love foreigners (bonus points if you’re American). Get ready for that ‘special treatment’. Known for the youngest population in Europe, it’s easy to feel the energy youth brings out here. Prishtina’s pubs, cafés and clubs always full of young people who are eager to have a good time. To top it all off, it’s an extremely budget-friendly destination.

As my Danish friend described it when he visited Prishtina last summer, “Pristina is a mess, but it’s a charming mess”… and I couldn’t agree more. Come and see for yourself!

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