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Bake&Cake Coffee Shop – Simply delicious

A small corner coffee shop that’s usually seen in romantic movies: that is one of the ways to describe Bake&Cake. Not to mention their sweets look like they were taken from a picture from Pinterest, but also taste delicious. I’ve tried almost all their muffins and cupcakes (just in case you don’t know the difference, the cupcake is a muffin with frosting on top) and whatever you decide to taste, you’re not going to be disappointed, I believe my taste buds where really happy.  Of course, it is always a good idea to pair the sweets with a cup of coffee or tea. My favorite combo is a mint flavored muffin or cupcake (it depends what is on the menu) with a strong cup of coffee.

What I particularly like about this place is that for every major holiday they have themed sweets and cookies and a very attractive window display.

I usually enjoy a piece of cake sitting on their terrace, which is right in the main square, even though it is a little bit hidden in a corner so you can easily miss it. So be attentive!

For me to choose to go to a place for a second time, the quality of their product is important, as well as the, prices,the environment, and most importantly, the service, and Bake&Cake service is spot on.

In conclusion: cake is for life, not just for birthdays!

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Sheshi Zahir Pajaziti, Prishtina

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08:00 - 00:00 daily


Cupcake: € 1

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