Bill Clinton Statue Prishtina

Image by Merve Atilla

Bill Clinton Statue – A nod to the US

When walking through the streets of Prishtina it is quite likely to see a statue of a Kosovar hero, a politician, an academician that made a mark in its history.

When I first saw Bill Clinton’s statue, I was quite surprised. I wondered why they put his statue there. Then I learned that most people are very thankful to the USA, especially to Bill Clinton, the former president, who helped the struggle of the Kosovars during wartime. That’s why he is called “the founding father of Kosovo”. The statue on Bill Clinton Boulevard is a kind nod to him. He waves his left hand to passersby. On the wall on the high, old Yugoslavian building behind his statue there is a picture of Kosovo’s flag on top, Bill Clinton’s portrait and a picture of the USA flag. My photo was taken when he visited Kosovo in June 2019 to attend a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of NATO troops entering Kosovo and ending the war.

It is in an interesting neighborhood called Dardania where I enjoy strolling among those old buildings of the communist era. In front of Bill Clinton they have a natural products bazaar once a week, and I always prefer buying locally grown fruits and vegetables there. 

As this spot takes me both back in history and then to modern times, I like passing by it.

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Bulevardi Bill Klinton, Prishtina

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