Covered Market Prishtina

Image by Charles Roffey

Covered Market – Fruit, veg, gifts, huge underwear

The covered market is the place to go for pretty much anything. Batteries, fresh local produce, cheap Chinese imports, souvenirs… There is a particularly pungent corner where the white cheese is sold from wooden barrels (I don’t like the cheese but I did buy a barrel ;-)). It’s a great place to buy the little enamel xhezve pots for making Turkish coffee – you can buy a miniature size enough for one person’s tiny cup, or a family-sized pot. They’re good presents (my friends in England have used them variously as a milk jug, a flower pot, or as just the right size to melt portions of butter for baking recipes). Kosovars shopping for gifts here will be making ready their trousseaux and you’ll see future mothers-in-law or sisters-in-law buying the traditional blue backing paper and cellophane for displaying the handcrafts that a Kosovan bride brings to her new family’s home.

The market is a place of noise and movement, overburdened housewives and haggling traders who sprinkle their vegetables with water from perforated bottles to keep them gleaming. You can’t go there and not come away feeling uplifted. And probably richer by at least one xhezve

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Iljaz Agushi, Prishtina

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