Ethnological Museum Prishtina

Image by Shkendie Ibrahimi

Ethnological Museum – How the rich used to live

As we know, or at least as we read on Google, “Ethnology is the branch of anthropology that compares and analyzes the characteristics of different peoples and the relationship between them”, so this museum is about that.

The whole complex is made of 4 houses, 2 at the entrance and 2 more in the back. One of the ones in the back is still not open to the public, and also the garden is huge and beautiful.

I’ve been to the Ethnological Museum a couple of times and I am always fascinated by how low the doors are, so if you want to go and you are relatively tall then mind your head. Anyhow, inside it is beautiful.

Almost everything from the decor is hand-carved or hand-made. The main room (living room) is my favorite andhas a huge beautiful closet made out of wood. Then there is the part with traditional red carpets andmany decorations all around. Also this is the perfect place to take some artsy pictures.

The guide it is always available to tell the history of the complex (which is pretty impressive) and also to answer any other questions.

There is also a notebook for people to write their impressions, and that is something that everyone should go through. If the museum it is to learn about the people that used to live in that house, that notebook it is to learn about the people that now visit the house.

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Zija Prishtina, Prishtina

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Tue - Sat 10:00 - 17:00, Sun 10:00 - 15:00



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