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Furra Lumi – Traditional & carb-o-licious

Albanian cuisine is quite diverse and contrary to popular belief – it does include healthy food. However, I will not be focusing on that because it’s not exciting and you’re probably not interested in learning about slowly cooked meat with vegetables. Duh.

Let’s get to the good stuff. Shall we? Modesty aside, in Kosovo we like to brag about our cuisine! We are eager to serve foreigners our top, carb-loaded dishes and it’s a crucial part of all that ‘Experience Kosovo’ thing. So, if you’re also interested in cheating on your diet and gaining a few pounds, all for the mighty cause of delicious food – opt for Furra Lumi.

Furra Lumi offers more than 140 products, ranging from different types of bread, cakes and handmade chocolates with Belgian-imported raw materials. As someone who has been consuming Albanian pies for the last 18 years, I always go there to get my Danish pastry dose for a change, because it’s the only bakery in town that sells Danish pastries. But you… you should go specifically for those Albanian pies, and more!

In Furra Lumi, literally on the left side of the bakery display case, you can find a wide range of traditional carb-loaded pastries. Some of the options include: flija, mantija, leqenik, pite with spinach or pumpkin, tatar borek, bakllasarëm, bakllavë. I cannot describe each pastry in detail because I have a world limit, but you gotta take my word for it!

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Anton Çetta 1, Prishtina

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Mon - Sat 07:00 - 21:00, Sun 07:00 - 18:00


Flija (1 kg): € 4.50

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