Germia's Sports Court Prishtina

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Germia’s Sports Court – The friendliest quarter

If you want to sweat your strain away with a friendly game of basketball, I know just the place.

Way out in the woods of Gërmia park, up the hill and after an appealing resting spot with running water, you’ll witness a harbour for sports lovers from all over Prishtina. There are three courts with six hoops and a goal on each end, five sets of seats that lie under the trees on the side and just a little further, around ten log cabins for camping enthusiasts.

I love coming here on weekends and beating up the backboard with my friends while discussing our favourite movies or songs. There’s always music playing from someone’s speaker and the side walls are covered in beautiful graffiti. It’s the perfect mix of sport and art.

It’s the most neighbourly place in the city. You could be walking in there with your group of high school buddies and end up playing with a bunch of boyish retirees who are not afraid of a challenge; everyone is your friend here. If you do decide to come, be prepared to spend your whole day here because you’ll get so attached to the radiating energy of this place. Also, don’t forget to pack a pair of dry clothes for your way back.

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Dr. Shpetim Robaj, Prishtina

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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