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Image by Marta K. Gazideda

Gjergj the Goat Head – Something different

I have never been brave enough to get a tattoo at a place I don’t know. The elation of the initial thought quickly descends into panic: what if I chose a dud and end up with a permanent reminder of haphazardness? Now, if you are in Prishtina you need not fret.

In a space which continues to be dominated by, and is perceived as, male, the advent of women tattoo artists is laborious. Combine that with the traditional social norms which are prevalent in Kosovo and the concept of a woman tattoo artist is bizarre, unimaginable. Yet, that’s exactly what we have in Prishtina – Albana, a young woman, tattoo artist!

Albana decided to learn the art of tattooing after an unpleasant experience while getting a tattoo herself. She decided to challenge the idea that only men are tattoo artists, and to provide a safe space for girls and women who want tattoos but are uncomfortable with the macho vibe. She is working on turning the process of getting a tattoo into a spiritual one – the thought behind the design and how it reflects the person’s personality.

She always starts with an intro session, she wants to understand what drives the person; only then will she work with you on the tattoo. For her a tattoo is not a decoration, it is an expression of the person’s experiences. I already had my first session. Trust me, you are definitively in for a different experience.

Appointment by Instagram DM here: gjergjthegoathead

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Nazim Gafurri, Prishtina

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