Heroinat Memorial Prishtina

Image by Merve Atilla

Heroinat Memorial – My favorite memorial in town

In downtown, I see many tourists and locals taking photographs in front of the NEWBORN monument but only a few people doing so in front of the Heroinat Memorial just across NEWBORN. Maybe it’s not as colorful, but I find it as important. 

During the war, 1998 – 1999 in Kosovo, many men fought and died for the country and there are many statues and monuments to commemorate them. However, there is only one for the women who made a tremendous sacrifice by both fighting in KLA and protecting their families. According to a Human Rights Watch report, 20,000 women were raped during the war, most of whose cases remain untried, and some of the victims still live with those horrifying memories and scars. 

Ilir Blakçori created an excellent artwork to dedicate to those victims by using 20,000 medals to form a unique representative face of Kosovar women. He used the documentary photographs from the Kosovo war and it became such a beautiful woman portrait at the end. 

Each and every time I pass this memorial, I am filled with emotions like anger, compassion, hope, and respect.

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