Klubi 'M' Prishtina

Image by Vesa Bashota

Klubi ‘M’ – From ‘house’ to ‘club’ real quick

Trying to explain what ‘M’ is can be a little tricky. ‘M’ is the type of place where you can feel comfortable being yourself — whatever that means. No matter your nationality, gender, sexual orientation, all those other defining categories that we use to put people in, at ‘M’ you will probably have no difficulty blending in. ‘M’ embraces diversity in every form and can be a little weird sometimes. Very hipsterish, very grungy, yet quite alluring!

‘M’ was formerly an ordinary residential house. It was left empty for 2 years until a close relative of the house owners took it upon himself to transform it into a club and cultural hub. ‘M’ organizes a wide range of musical and cultural events, so regardless of your taste, you will be able to find something that suits you. Besides local famous DJs and musicians who perform there, ‘M’ gives an opportunity to people like you and me to come and experiment by playing music. And this is one of the characteristics that distinguishes ‘M’ from other places.

Another characteristic is the environment. Considering that ‘M’ used to be a house, the first floor still resembles a typical house. It has tables and couches where you can chill and chat with others. The second floor however, offers a bigger space where DJs play music and people dance. The place gets super-crowded after 00:00, especially on Fridays. I’m not surprised though, it’s so cool and chill. I’ve never had a bad night there!

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Details about this spot



Nazim Gafurri 27, Prishtina

Opening Times

08:00 - 03:00 daily


Entrance: € 1

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