MHz/BASStore Club Prishtina

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MHz/BASStore Club – From AM to Early AMs

Before I write about the place, let me clarify something. MHz stands for Megahertz and that has been its name for what feels like forever. Now it has been changed to BASStore Club, but there are many people who still use MHz. You can use any of the names as there is obviously no difference, but I’m assuming you can get by easier with MHz because there are still those who have not internalized BASStore yet.

Now what is MHz about? – It’s all about dancing, drinking and enjoying the night until a new day dawns. Simple. It’s a nightclub after all…

As one of the oldest in Prishtina, MHz has been the cradle of electronic music. Over the years, many known DJs have come and gone and MHz has immensely contributed to Prishtina’s clubbing scene. I am unsure whether any other genre is played at MHz, but every time I’ve been there, it’s been all about house and techno.

MHz is more of an underground place, and there is something terribly inviting about this spot. Typically, it is regarded as one’s ‘final destination’ on a Friday or Saturday night because that’s where people go after they’re done with all the other bars, pubs and nightclubs.

If you’re a fan of electronic music, then this is one is for you! Oh, and even if you’re not a fan, but you don’t feel like going home at 2:30AM, then head to MHz. Who knows? Maybe you’ll eventually join the fan club…

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Details about this spot



Migjeni, Prishtina

Telephone number


Opening Times

Wed & Fri - Sat 00:00 - 05:00


Entrance up to: € 3

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