Ethnography Museum Prishtina

Image by Dren Sokoli

Ethnography Museum – A trip to the past

The Ethnography Museum is a little piece of preserved history, located in the old Prishtina quarter. It used to be the household of Emin Gjiku (one of the richest households in 18th century Prishtina), and it includes 2 main structures- the family house and the guest house, one of which was built later on in the 19th century with the rising number of family members. It represents an important cultural inheritance that portrays the typical civic household of that time.

Once you pass the wooden gate, you will find yourself in a garden where you can start to get acquainted with the lifestyle of the 18th century. You will see a fireplace traditionally used for cooking, a drinking fountain and lots of trees. Walking deeper into the garden, you’ll notice the main house which has two entrances. One at the bottom, which takes you directly to the firehouse where the women used to cook and store the food, and one at the top of a staircase that will lead you inside the room traditionally known as “Oda e burrave” which was used by the men of the house to sit down and discuss. Between these two entrances, the house also has a children’s room and features different traditional clothing and tools. Visiting this place can give you a lot of cool insight into the history surrounding my ancestors, something that you would probably never think of doing, so consider this a new opportunity.

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Stacion - Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina, Prishtina

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