Pejton  Prishtina

Image by Elizabeth Gowing

Pejton – The suburb named for a soap opera

The 1960s American soap opera ‘Peyton Place’ depicted a white picket fence community in the suburbs, bounded by a railway line. For Yugoslav architects the name became synonymous with a certain quality of life, and this residential neighbourhood in Prishtina was named for the television series. Although the area is changing now and many of the low-rise (often single-storey) houses are now NGO offices or cafes, there’s still a distinctive feel. Houses have mature gardens with fruit trees, and the streets are bordered with lime trees.

This part of town is near the railway line like the TV version though you won’t see Mia Farrow who starred in the original. Nevertheless, cutting through here you’ll get the same sense of a small community where people greet each other in the streets. It’s good to remember that this was a mixed neighbourhood before the tensions and then war of the ’90s – Serbs, Albanians and Bosnians lived alongside one another and their kids played together in these streets.

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Qyteza Pejton, Prishtina

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