Prishtina Art Gallery Prishtina

Image by Dren Sokoli

Prishtina Art Gallery – A place to think

There are not many proper places where you can display art in Prishtina, and maybe that’s one of its flaws, but then there’s not that big of an audience for it either. Maybe creating more places like Prishtina’s art gallery would develop some interest for it in the busy lives of our citizens. For the true lovers of art though, however few of them there may be, there’s still something to feast their eyes and mind on. Prishtina’s Art Gallery sits on the park of the National Library right by Agim Ramadani street. It’s a simple and classic white house detailed with gray stones. However, it’s not the outside that you should lay your focus on. Instead, extend your focus not just within the building but within our artists’ meaning of their work.

I’ve come here a bunch of times, sometimes feeling a little bit confused, but I loved that it made me think about what I’m looking at, the confusion was just a symptom of it. It’s not my favourite place in the city but I have a friend who lives abroad and this is the first place she always wants to go to when she comes to visit. No matter the name of the artist or theme, she wants to see it. I’ve seen a lot of remarkable sculptures and paintings because of her and I hope you see something that impresses you too because of me.

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Agim Ramadani 60, Pristina, Kosovo, Prishtina

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Mon - Fri 10:00 - 18:00, Sat - Sun 10:00 - 17:00


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