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Image by Shkendie Ibrahimi

Prishtina Path Art – Where WORK meets LOVE

This is a hidden gem of Prishtina that I recently discovered. In the neighborhood of Ulpiana, in a concealed part are located 7 studios of 12 different artists. Most of them are painters, each has a different style and each brush stroke passes on an emotion,a feeling, or a message. There are also photographers and tattoo artists, but what they all have in common is a strong passion about their work.

In this area they created a small community of artists which help and support one another, and the rest of the society which is the thing that I most like about it. Very often they have auctions for charity events were they sell their art to support a cause. Also most of their art is for sale (some are for the soul) so whenever in need for some authentic piece this is the place to be. 

They all are very good and talented artists but if I had to choose one I would say it’s Ariana Bekteshi (painter). Except being very talented and having a unique style, maybe what sets her apart is that she is an exceptional human being and very talkative (a good thing in this case). She is also the reason why I am writing this article, because she introduced me to Prishtina Path Art (and I believe she also named it this way)

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Egnatia, Prishtina

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17:00 - 00:00 daily (it's preferable to contact them via FB to set an appointment)



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