Rilindja Warehouse Prishtina

Image by Hapësira

Rilindja Warehouse – Party at a printing house

Abandoned spots make excellent locations when it comes to nightlife events. Example? Rilindja Warehouse (RW).

How did it all start? Hapësira (a local NGO seeking to advance art, education and culture in Kosovo), came up with the ‘Warehouse’ initiative. The idea was to functionalize abandoned spots and present them in a different light in front of audiences. So, they chose to hold events at the former building of Rilindja printing house as ‘the abandoned spot’.

A little background info: I should definitely mention that Rilindja printing house is the oldest printing house in Prishtina, and it’s considered an important chapter in Kosovo’s history. During the ’80s and ’90s, Rilindja printing house became one of the largest printing houses in the Balkans and SUPER IMPORTANT – it printed the “Rilindja” newspaper which was the first newspaper in Albanian. People went nuts for Albanian language newspapers back in those days…

Anyways, back to RW… as a result of the ‘Warehouse’ initiative, we now have Rilindja Warehouse (RW). RW refers to an event series of techno music, that take place a few times a year at the former building of Rilindja printing house. Yes, you’re getting it right! You’re gonna drink and dance in an abandoned printing house. How cool is that?

P.S. In order to find out about upcoming events and performing artists, it’s necessary to check its Facebook page so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Tickets for the events can be bought at certain spots in Prishtina.

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Pallati i Shtypit, Prishtina

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Tickets from: € 5

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